Contact Information for O.T.O. Canada


Frater Superior's Representative, Frater Iskandar
O.T.O. Canada Secretary, Frater Ouroboros
O.T.O. Canada Treasurer, Frater Mercurius
O.T.O. Canada Quartermaster, Soror Laylah
O.T.O. Canada Initiation Secretary, Frater Scarabaeus
O.T.O. Canada EGC Secretary, Soror Atikramya

Contact the FSR for Canada or the head of your local O.T.O. body with any questions or concerns you may have about the O.T.O.

See also the International O.T.O. website

Local Bodies

British Columbia

Vancouver - Daughter of Sunset Lodge

Victoria - Victorious City Lodge

Port Clements - Infinite Space Encampment - PO Box 151, Port Clements, BC, V0T 1R0

Nanaimo - Waves of Aethyr Encampment


Toronto - Amon Ra Encampment

London - Force and Fire Oasis


Montréal - Phoenix Oasis

New Brunswick

Saint John - Trees of Eternity Encampment


Edmonton -  Red Flame Encampment  -  EMAIL